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Apple Music May 2020

It is already MAY, WOW! So, I’ve found the perfect place to live in Redmond, WA. It’s a LEED Platinum certified apartment, near Marymoor park! I applied to be in the Marymoor Community Garden and we will see how that goes, there is a waiting list, but I’ve paid and signed up. The rest ofContinue reading “Apple Music May 2020”

Apple Music April 2020

April was of course, another wild month. Preparing to move during a pandemic. Getting used to this new way of living. Continuing to bunker down and hulk up on supplies. Strange way of life. Working remotely, doctors appointments, improving self care and mental health, helping those you love. Finding out what really matters in life.Continue reading “Apple Music April 2020”

Apple Music March 2020

March, a month of togetherness if you are lucky enough. Hold on to what you have. Protect it with love and good energy. A chance to reach new culinary feats at home. Catching up on movies and shows. Looking forward to planning the PCNSA study focus this year, then back to Cisco certification re-up afterContinue reading “Apple Music March 2020”

Funny Sound Clips, Improv, No Edit, One Take

These were recorded in St. Petersburg, FL, in a hallway, in my best friends home, at night, on an iPhone, with no advanced technology beyond the voice memo app. I had attempted many takes, deleted most, and kept some funny ones. Fall / Winter 2019 Court Jester 1 “Number 7” Western Intro

Apple Music January 2020

January was an amazing month. I put myself out there on dating platforms, OKC and BUMBLE, and  found someone, shes been beyond imagination. (private) I listened to a ton of cool music. Turned up some Palo Alto NGFW’s and a Panorama VM.  Let’s dive in! We are Deadbeats Vol 4 by Zeds Dead (Feat aContinue reading “Apple Music January 2020”