Jared is a network engineer, a PC gamer, a published author, a musician, enjoys coffee regularly.

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Movies Watched 2021

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Apple Music May 2020

It is already MAY, WOW! So, I’ve found the perfect place to live in Redmond, WA. It’s a LEED Platinum certified apartment, near Marymoor park! I applied to be in the Marymoor Community Garden and we will see how that goes, there is a waiting list, but I’ve paid and signed up. The rest of… Continue reading Apple Music May 2020

Apple Music April 2020

April was of course, another wild month. Preparing to move during a pandemic. Getting used to this new way of living. Continuing to bunker down and hulk up on supplies. Strange way of life. Working remotely, doctors appointments, improving self care and mental health, helping those you love. Finding out what really matters in life.… Continue reading Apple Music April 2020