Apple Music October 2019

Shout out to my friend Dave who has converted me to the Apple life it took more than a decade but he won.

For less than a dollar a day I enjoy Apple Music which has a catalog larger than my imagination. It’s a simple quality of life improvement worth the cost. It keeps me focused on the present and more connected with my friends.

Here’s what I found this week, some artists I have already been previously following like Poppy, Opeth, Danny Brown, The Darkness. The rest I was unfamiliar with and pretty much ran through the entire new releases and daily new lists. Here’s my picks!

Notable Artists Updated Oct 29th:

Street Cleaner – Annihilation
Gong Gong Gong – Phantom Rhythm
Poppy – Choke, Concrete, I Disagree
Danny Brown – uknowhatimsayin¿
Opeth – In Claudia Venenum
The Darkness – Easter is Cancelled (Deluxe)
GosT – Valediction
Chromatics – Closer to Grey
Gesaffelstein – Novo Sonic System
Lightning Dust – Spectre
Lisa Prank – Perfect Love Song
Rhi – The Pale Queen
Wives – So Removed
Floating Points – Anasickmodular

Leave a comment for new music you found this month.

Until next time… /logout

By Jared

Freedom of Expression

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