Apple Music November 2019

Apple Music November 2019

November was a fun month. Dave and Krista flew to Seattle for my birthday! We had some awesome sushi and great experiences which I will be posting in

Thanksgiving was dope! Played a ton of board games with my new ‘family’ who has adopted me in the area. They really worked hard to cook such wonderful food and make it a blast for everyone. Taking this weekend to review Apple Music as its been a busy month. I use this process of blogging and finding new music to self reflect and appreciate the good times.

Beck is no longer a Scientologist, HUZZAH! Modest Mouse is eating ice cream. What will 2020 hold beyond impeachment? The mystery will unfold as time unwinds.

Arlo Parks – Sophie – EP
Beck – Hyperspace
Aphex Twin – Peel Session 2 – EP
Chemical Brothers – Out of Control (21 minutes of Madness mix / The Secret Psychedelic Mix) – EP
Modest Mouse – Ice Cream Party
Pink Floyd – The Later years : 1987-2019
The Flaming Lips – The Soft Bulletin: Live at Red Rocks (Feat. The Colorado Symphony & Andre de Ridder)
Cattle Decapitation – Death Atlas
Prong – Age of Defiance – EP
Psychemagik – I Feel How This Night Should Look
Coldplay – Everyday Life
Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross – Watchmen: Volumes 1 and 2(Music from the HBO Series)




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