Apple Music February 2020

February has already been a freaking blast. I drank Kopi Luwak, time is flying by. We have a TON of music on the list.

I also clocked my screen time and music totality this month. I listen to over 40 hours of music a week, and use my phone 5 hours a day. Not bragging but that is more than I thought… (gulp)

In a week or so, I fly to Los Angeles to visit my friends, and see POPPY live in concert! HELL YEA.

Counter-Strike is still alive, it hit its top all time concurrent users. Over 900k at once. I continue to play with a single friend. LF3M for COMP. HIT ME UP

Ok lets jump to the music.


Mystery Girl by Roy Orbison, favorite song is She’s a Mystery to Me


UNLOCKED by Denzel Curry & Kenny Beats favorite song is DIET_

Mystic Familiar by Dan Deacon, favorite song is Become a Mountain – You should REALLY listen to the full album at once. emotions. onions.

West of Eden by HMLTD favorite song is The West is Dead

Ceremony by Phantogram favorite song is In A Spiral

Perdida by Stone Temple Pilots favorite song is Fare Thee Well

Momentary Bliss feat Slowthai and Slaves by Gorillaz

Viscerals by Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, favorite song is REDUCER

Revenge of the Dreamers III: Director’s Cut by Dreamville and J.Cole (Feat lots of artists), favorite song is Wells Fargo.

Have We Met by Destroyer, favorite song is It Just Doesn’t Happen

Likewise by Frances Quinlan, favorite song is Piltdown Man

Diamonds in the Rough by Avenged Sevenfold favorite song is The Fight

Don’t You Wanna Be Glad? by Super Whatevr favorite song is Melancholyism.

Zer0 by Krewella, favorite song is Overboard

Mercury – Sam Goku


Through Love – EP by HYUKOH, favorite song is World of the Forgotten

Good Days by Sweatson Klank favorite song is Say Yes

Paradis 1 by Project Paradis, Mr Carmack and Promnite favorite song is Yaimt

To Dull the Blades of Your Abuse by Leeched favorite song is The Hound’s Jaw

Grave Image by Deathwhite favorite song is Return to Silence

If I Am Only My Thoughts by Loving favorite song is Stranger to Yourself

Curse These Metal Hands by Pijn & Conjurer favorite song is The Pall

The Calming Influence of Teeth by Boss Keloid favorite song is Bellow of Blackened Beasts

Self-Preserved While the Bodies Float Up by Oceansize favorite song is Oscar Acceptance Speech

…Boo! by Pumpkin Pie Shakes favorite song is Creek Yogurt

Cold Head Stone by Brick Slab Boyz favorite song Cheese

Texas Sun – EP by Khruangbin & Leon Bridges  favorite song is Texas Sun

Titans of Creation by Testament favorite song is Night of the Witch

City of Burials by Katatonia favorite song is Lacquer

Ordinary Man by Ozzy Ozbourne favorite song is Ordinary Man(feat. Elton John)

Birds of Prey: The Album, lots of artists, Danger by Jucee Froot

Jarvage, Vol 2 by Jarv favorite song is Roast Beef

Sunflower – EP by Mall Grab favorite song is Leaving Tokyo

Roy’s Revenge by Roy of the Ravers favorite song is Roy’s Revenge

Escape from Noise by Negativland favorite song is Quiet Please

Dick at Nite by Richard Cheese favorite song is Aqua Teen Hunger Force Theme









By Jared

Freedom of Expression

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