Apple Music May 2020

It is already MAY, WOW!

So, I’ve found the perfect place to live in Redmond, WA. It’s a LEED Platinum certified apartment, near Marymoor park! I applied to be in the Marymoor Community Garden and we will see how that goes, there is a waiting list, but I’ve paid and signed up. The rest of the month is packing and downsizing and Marie Kondo’ing shit out of my life!

Let’s get to the jams for the month:

Hold Space for Me by Orion Sun, favorite song is Coffee for Dinner

Resonate by Lettuce, favorite song is Blaze

Invisible People by Chicano Batman, favorite song is Moment of Joy

Jade Bird by Jade Bird, favorite song is Lottery

Aisle of Palm by Beshken, favorite song is Light of Love

Epiphany by Ross from Friends, favorite song is Phantom Ratio

Baby by Four Tet (single)

Pursuit of Momentary Happiness by Yak, favorite song is Fried

A New Dawn [HOA007] by AceMoMa, favorite song is Rubber Band Man

It Loved to Happen by ot to, not to, favorite song is The Sun Lifts the Water

Somewhere Decent to Live by Space Afrika, favorite song is Gwabh

Between Distant and Remote by Amulets, favorite song is Like Warm Air (We Rose)



By Jared

Freedom of Expression

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