About Me

32, male, single
Currently @ Seattle, WA
Network Engineer

I was raised by Toonami, Saturday morning cartoons, and the beeps and boops of a 56k modem.

I grew up in Ocala, FL. Some of the roads were still limestone. Whoa. It’s like the horse capital of the world or something like that. Ask Bill Wurtz

I played a ton of tennis and dodged a lot of lightning. I played some competitive video games. I still play video games. Wake up samurai we have a city to burn.

I then made it to the Tampa and St. Pete areas. St. Pete was chill. I dig it, I dug it. Some neat food spots, the beach life. Jimmy Buffet needed to travel more he may have put out a rap album.

And now at near present time, I moved diagonally across the US, to Seattle, WA. I made it!!! The naturescapes. Whoa. The city. Whoa. So far I dig this the most.

If I could only listen to one discography it would be the Beastie Boys

Likes – Breakfast/Lazy Sundays, Anime, Video Games, Tennis, Gardening. Technology. Mass Communications.

Personal Goals – Publish Haiku and Cook books using Blurb. Continue making music as UNKSMTH. Next album 2020.

Career Focus – Continuing to develop skill-sets with emerging technology. Python 3. Nornir. Git. Palo Alto. Arista. Cisco. AWS. Splunk. Netbox. API integration and automation improvements throughout my workflows.

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